Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint is actually our contribution in emitting/producing greenhouse gases and this is measured in kilograms of Carbon Dioxide.You know that any activity which involves the consumption of electricity and heat contributes in C02 emission and today more or less heat & electricity is conventionally created by the burning of fossil fuels.
It is very important because Greenhouse gases are heating our planet and creating climate changes all over the world. They trap heat from the sun and create a phenomenon we know as Global Warming. We can safeguard our future and help maintain the environmental balance by minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions and optimizing fossil fuel usage
Any activity it may be using an air conditioner,a computer or even burning a CD,Almost every activity we do generates a carbon footprint which is an index of the impact we have on our planet.
For example,eating a single burger can result in a footprint of 3.1 kgs/CO2 – the equivalent of one meal for three people.and A single spam message has a carbon footprint of 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide which is equal to driving three feet in a car.
Carbon footprint is measured by the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for Global Warming.This value is expressed in kilograms of Carbon.Living a negative footprint life is next to impossible,but we can make efforts to reduce it by making a few efforts.Many carbon footprint calculators are awailable on the net.
How to reduce your Carbon Footprint?
The first step is to be aware of the impact our activities have on the environment.
Start by calculating your Carbon Footprint.I believe that it's possible
to make a significant improvement with small, meaningful changes

1.Use rechargeable batteries to reduce toxic waste accumulation
2.Switch off appliances like your TV or music system instead of keeping them on standby
3.Always refuel when the fuel tank is almost empty
4.Use fluorescent lights instead of yellow light bulbs to save energy at home.
And many more.
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